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etsyRAIN Show FAQ

Below are some basic frequently asked questions about etsyRAIN shows. If you have any questions not listed here, contact us anytime!

Next etsyRAIN show:
etsyRAIN 2012 Handmade Holiday Show at McCaw Hall
Friday November 23rd, 11am to 6pm
Saturday November 24th, 11am to 5pm

Applications are now CLOSED Thanks to all who applied!
Deadline to apply: 11pm Sunday, August 26, 2012

Q. How large are the booth spaces?
A. We have two booth spaces available this year, 5'x8' and 8'x8'. This footprint must include your entire display including your chair and storage.

Q. How much are the booth spaces?
A. We have two levels of pricing for our booths:

  • Basic Members / General Public
    • Standard booth 8'W x 5'D: $195.00
    • Large booth 8'W x 8'D: $235.00
  • etsyRAIN current Premium Members:
    • Standard booth 8'W x 5'D: $185.00
    • Large booth 8'W x 8'D: $225.00

Learn more about Basic and Premium etsyRAIN Memberships HERE

Q. Do you have larger booths available?
A. We have just a few extra large booth spaces 12'W x 8'D available in the back lobby.

Q. Can I request to be placed in a particular area of the venue?
A. You can request to be placed in a specific area of the show for an additional $20 placement fee:

  • Upper Lobby (skybridge load-in)
  • Lower Lobby (street level load in off of Mercer Street)
  • Back Lobby (just a few extra large spaces and the rest standard spaces with extra ambient lighting provided)
      If we cannot accommodate your area request, you will not be charged the extra placement fee.

Q. Do I need to bring my own tables? Are tables available for rent?
A. Tables and all displays are to be provided by the vendor. Tables are not available to rent for this show. If you need to borrow a table, etsyRAIN members may post a request on our Members-only message boards.

Q. Can I use my canopy for my display?
A. Canopy, canopy frames or other large walled structures that completely obstruct the view of vendors around you are not allowed. Any structures not indicated on the application form (see "display components" section) that are found blocking visibility or traffic flow will be removed.

If you are unsure if your display is allowed, enter your inquiry in the comments section of your application or Contact Us with photos of your display.

Q. What if I use free standing walls / screens / large display fixtures for my display?
A. We have many booth spaces that are against walls in the venue that can accommodate a back wall / screen /free standing structure type display.

Please be sure to indicate those parts of your display in the new "Display Components" section so we are sure to place you in a space that will not block other vendors.

If you use tall standing structures, you are welcome to write in a "wall space" request in the comments section - this will not considered a "special request" and will not be charged an additional fee.

Q. Do vendors need to break down their booths on Friday night?
A. No - all booths may be left setup and in place overnight on Friday. They will be securely locked in and ready for your arrival on Saturday morning. (Show starts at 11am on Saturday - hall will be open to vendors only at 10am) If you prefer to have some cover, you might consider bringing a sheet to drape over your tables.

Q. Can I share a booth with a friend?
A. To ensure fairness for all vendors, we are not accepting booth shares at this time.

Q. I really want to do the show but I can't afford the whole booth fee all at once. Can you help me?
A.We have payment plan options available to help you pay for your booth over time upon acceptance. Please read the "financial assistance" section above for more info.

Q. I applied to a previous etsyRAIN show and didn't get in. What can I do to help my application this time?
A. Because we have a limited number of spaces available (107 this season), we must make difficult choices to maintain a well-balanced show that features as many new products and vendors as possible. Your best bet for every application is to submit really great photos of your newest and best work, keeping in mind that all categories (especially jewelry) are extremely competitive and must be changed often to keep our show fresh.

Q. Is there anything I need have ready before I apply to participate in the next etsyRAIN Show?
A. Have 5 great low-resolution photos of your best work along with a brief description of your work and artist bio ("about the artist") ready then go to the etsyRAIN Application Page to apply.
note: headshots were an optional upload and are not taken into consideration when jurying. This upload field has been removed to avoid any misunderstandings. Thanks for your feedback!

Q. Help! I can't access my etsyRAIN account! I thought was already a member?
A. We have TWO separate websites that we use to run etsyRAIN business:

1. The "members only" etsyRAIN Meetup Group:

  • The etsyRAIN Meetup is is a members-only group through
  • This is where the emails, event posts and other notification emails come from when you get emails from us

2. The "public" etsyRAIN website:

  • This is our "stand alone" public website
  • Our awesome event calendar is hosted here as well
  • This is where you'll find our show application and other public information

If you have not yet created an account on the "public" site, you'll need to do that first to get to the application.

You can create a new etsyRAIN Website account HERE

Q. I know I created an etsyRAIN Website account already, but I can't remember my username!
A. Before you contact us, please try this first:

  • In the "username" box, enter in your First Name Last Initial
    • e.g. "Crafty Crafterson" = CraftyC
  • If that doesn't work, try any past busieness and/or Etsy account names (It might have been a while since you've actually signed in to the website!)

If you still can't sign in, Contact Us with your full name, Etsy shop name and any other information that might help us locate you on our member list.
(Please allow 24 hours for a reply. Thanks!)

Q. Okay - I signed in, filled out the application and clicked "SAVE". How do I know for sure that you got my application? (AKA: Where is my confirmation email?)
A.When you click "save" it uploads all of your information to our system. Unfortunately, we do not currently have a system that sends and email when you click "save".

You can double check to see if your application is in the system:

  • Log in to
  • Click on "Your Account"
  • Scroll to down and look to the left column
  • You should find a link your application at the bottom left side of the window
  • You may edit your application* as much as you need to up until the deadline (Saturday, August 26th, 2012)
  • If you do edit, be sure to click "SAVE" again before logging off

NOTE: Every time you click "SAVE" you will see a message that says, "etsyRAIN Vendor Application NameNameAugustmmddyy" (note: "NameName" is your name and "mmddy" is the date of your application) That is how you know you're "in the system"! Yay! Thanks for applying!

Q. Do I have to be a member of etsyRAIN to apply?
A. No. For the very first time, Holiday Show applications are open to everyone - even non-etsyRAIN members! We encourage all to apply!

Q. I have a question that wasn't answered here. Who do I talk to?
A. Contact us anytime at We look forward to talking with you!

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